From ghost-writing in line with brand requirements for large brands such as Giuseppe Zanotti, Paul Smith, Polo Ralph Lauren via Licensed Reseller Zee & Co; to establishing a brand's tone of voice for independent designers such as Her'sParis, or catalogue work for Mr Munro Menswear and Fancy Kids; my experience in fashion ranges from product descriptions to blogs, email and social media campaigns and print catalogues.

Copywriting Portfolio

I am constantly inspired by creation and innovation.

Each brand, story, and voice is unique.

That's why I relish the opportunity to work with different companies and products. Over the past 9 years, I have written all sorts of copy; establishing a medley of brands to establish their personality and a tone of voice that helps resonate with their customers. From B2B enterprises looking to detail technical prototypes and patents to fledgling startups and community groups needing to spread awareness through advanced social media and marketing campaigns; interviews and press releases with respected and leading Italian chefs, or kitchen-table bakers looking to collaborate. I create eye-catching content both in the UK and internationally with a full grasp of British and American English for print and digital mediums.

Check out my clients’ success stories to get inspired for your own! 

Interior Design

My experience in Interior Design creating copy boasts an impressive range of furnishing trends from across the world. From high-end reproduction of flagship American designs from Manhattan Home Design to magazine launches and blogs from House of Enki, and Duck Egg Designs which have been seen on British television including popular shows: Kirstie's Homemade Christmas and Dick and Angel Escape to the Manor Chateaux. Or seasonal catalogues for It's About Romi, style guides for Wayfair and bespoke decor pieces and gifts for Velvet Roses. I am dedicated to providing a voice to e-commerce based stores and luxury showrooms both for trade only and consumer purchases.


As a lifestyle copywriter, I am committed to providing a platform for family-run homemade cookie delivery service Divi's Cookies, or boosting the trading opportunity for the authentic, artisanal stock to be launched via Bellavita Expo in business-focused cities such as London, Hamburg, Warsaw, Parma, Toronto, Chicago, Mexico City, Bangkok, Riga and Amsterdam via leading supermarket chains such as Marks and Spencers, Harrods, Fortnum and Mason, Sainsbury's, Tescos, CoOp, Asda and Morrisons. Liaised and interviewed leading restaurant figures, top chefs and sommeliers including Francesco Mazzei, Theo Randall and the Gordan Ramsay Group. And committed to increased sustainability and eco-friendly catering supplies with Buzz Catering Supplies and Lincat. I have helped create an English voice for French playmat company Play and Go, and helped with the marketing of Petit&Jolie, La Langerie and Betta Bottles in the UK, along with popular crochet dolls and toys by Anne-Claire Petit and wooden jigsaw puzzles Puzzle Michele Wilson.

Business & Corporate

Effective business requires a clear and transparent voice that resonates with its clientele. My clients have included big names, small start-ups, public sector organisations and charities  Whether it is through recruitment advice articles on Perkbox, a revamped recruitment agency website's copy for Screen International  Group or promoting services for the IsThatSOO podcast by Barton Rouge specialist The Nocturnal Therapist or painting and decorating by  New York-based AvantColors LLC. Or renewing community interest in events and community projects such as Stortford Salsa not-for-profit organisations such as CanalAbility and musicians like Blue Nevus, I specialise in providing content that capitalises on human interaction and encourages greater conversation and education. 

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The ever-evolving and rapidly expanding landscape of technology has given me the opportunity to participate in the shaping and development of key trends and software. From helping to script and create tutorials for the cloud-based archiving platform Hadageto, launching the coding and tech magazine for teenagers Techmix, to the product descriptions for custom flash drive designer: USBMakers and blogs for social media analytics platform Bat Radar, I am always interested in providing a soapbox towards future-proof products.